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Filet Mignon - $179.99 (Serves 6 Dinner Portion)
Rubbed with Fresh Herbs, Roasted Juicy-Rare. Accompanied by Horseradish or Au Jus

Beef Braciole - $99.99 (Half Tray) $179.99 (Full Tray)
Finest Top Round Slices Stuffed with Prosciutto, Spices and Grated Pecorino & Romano

Texas Style Chili (Beef or Turkey) - $59.99 (Half Tray)

BBQ Spare Ribs - $79.99 (Half Tray)

Stuffed Flank Steak - $89.99 (Half Tray) 
With Spinach and Sweet Roasted Peppers, Horseradish Sauce and Au Jus

Almost Like Mom's Meatloaf - $79.99 (Half Tray)
Seasoned Ground Beef Topped with Delicious Whipped Mashed Potatoes & Brown Gravy

Classic Beef Stew - $79.99 (Half Tray)
Tidbits of Beef Slow Roasted with Potatoes, Celery and Carrots in a Red Wine Broth

Old World Italian Meatballs - $59.99 (Half Tray)
In Good Ol' Fashioned Marinara Sauce

Pepper Steak - $79.99 (Half Tray)
Tender Sirloin Steak Strips Sautéed with Market Fresh Onions, Peppers & Tomatoes

Sliced Flank Steak - $89.99 (Half Tray)
Teriyaki Glazed with Onions & Mushrooms\

Braised Short Ribs - $99.99 (Half Tray)
with Vegetable Ragu

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